Our mission at Amiche has been to dream big and just do things.  It's a little messy at times, but we have been so excited to see what happens when you just go for things.  

For this coming year our next big project is putting together a new show based on Shahrazad and the Thousand and One Nights.  After getting two shows up in our first year we are excited to see all the things we've learned helping us grow and expand as we approach this next project. 

We are currently in the development stages - with Sarah writing and putting together the main script - as our first step.  Along with some great brainstorming sessions where we dream of pretty sets and how to tell stories.  And soon we will be talking with the composer and working to bring the music to life!  

We are dreaming big with this piece, as we've done with our others.  The plan is to have the performance ready for audiences in 2015, and we'll be sure to keep everyone posted as to the progress and where we will be sharing our new venture with you! 

It's such an exciting place to be creating work that inspires us and gives us the opportunity to grow as artists.  

And we are grateful for all those who have come out to support our first two shows and hope that you will enjoy this next one as well!