Counting Down the Days to the Artists Festival

Last August we performed Shakespeare's Women in the park in Beaver.  And as we looked back on that time we began to dream about possibilities.  As often is the case, long car rides gave us time to come up with the outline of the Artists Festival.  

We know that there are lots of festival that people can go to.  What we want this festival to be about is artists.  We hope to celebrate the work of artists and provide the community a chance to participate in creating art as well. 

Our Artists Festival is just a week away and we are busily getting the final touches ready for you to come explore the arts with us.    

You can visit our web site for some of the lists of performers and activities that will be held during the two days.  Artists Festival Schedule 

There will be a great variety of styles and kinds of art and art for all ages to participate in as well.  

If it rains we will be hosting events at the Cottrill Arbutina Accounting Firm Conference Center.  

We are looking forward to performing again in the park this summer and performing among other artists.  

The work we have done as Amiche has come from friendship and a passion for the arts and we hope that you can join with us in celebrating the arts and community next week.