It's Our First Birthday!

A year ago today we officially launched Amiche.  Yet, the heart of Amiche has been forming for a long time.  Our art comes out of our sharing life and friendship and the years prior to our launching Amiche has given us a great foundation to work with. 

As we have grown and worked on our mission and purpose we find ourselves going after what we love - performing.  And so as we face this new year we are working to create as many opportunities as we can to perform.  

But we also believe in connecting and opening doors for others.  We want to invite others into the creative process and we are excited about the ways we've been able to do that and the amazing opportunity we have to do that through our Artists Festival this June.  We hope that you will join us in creating.  

We are full of ideas and big dreams for this coming year of Amiche and we are so grateful for the many people who have supported us this past year and helped us get started.  Amiche means women friends in Italian and we are grateful for the friendship we have shared as artists and for the friends we have made along the way in this journey.  Thanks for being a part of our work! 

Some memories from this past year of Amiche