The Little Things

The Holidays can bring a mix of beautiful moments and for some hard memories or times.  The depth of emotions we can experience, tremendous joy in the world and deep sorrow, can feel overwhelming.   

Patsy Rodenburg is a vocal coach who writes about the power of being present.  As performers we often reflect on the practice of being present.  Watching a performance with someone who is fully on stage brings a wholeness of life to the story.  

As we work on our projects and think about the stories we are working to tell, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the feelings of life.  There is a great deal of pain in the world.  Much that is wrong.  And perhaps you have experienced it.  Or have seen others in your life suffering.  

But we know that small things matter.  Simple things make a difference.  And the simple yet challenging act of being present with those in your world is one we are working towards.  We want to take the steps to be more present in our creative processes.   Striving to provide a safe place for people to grow, for our company to thrive, and for others to experience life and storytelling.  

Maybe the best gift we can give each other this season is learning to be present in each others lives.  To do the work that is before us and be a safe place for others to experience being present.  As you enter the Christmas season we hope that you find people to be present with.  And performances and art that pulls you into being more fully present in the world and your life.   

"Two human beings present together experience intimacy and knowledge of one another; each person understand something of the other's story and, consequently, their humanity.  This humanity can be experienced in a touch, the breath, the voice-but it is immediately felt and seen through the eyes: the windows of the soul." - Patsy Rodenburg, "The Second Circle"