Plans and Thanks


As we enter the Holiday Season we pause to reflect on what we are thankful for as we strive to create. 

Lately at Amiche our work has been filled with behind the scenes planning and working.  Not a lot of glamorous stuff.  But all the pieces that are needed to create a new performance piece and continue to create art. 

We've had the opportunity to listen to early pieces of Eliane Aberdam's  work for "The Heart of Shahrazad" and we can hardly wait to share her work with you!  Seeing our work come to life through music is all kinds of exciting and we are grateful to collaborate with Elaine.  Sarah also had the chance to read several of the monologues from the script with some local artists and it was a great opportunity to share pieces of this story for the first time. 

Much of our work for "The Heart of Shahrazad" of late is logistical pieces.  Working on finding venues to perform in and continuing to look for grants to help with producing this piece.  We are also working to connect with various community members to bring this piece into larger conversations about violence towards women and what we can do in response.   As we build resources and information we encourage you to check out the work of others on this topic and the ways we can all take small but significant steps to address issues of violence towards women.  Resource Page for "The Heart of Shahrazad" 

And though we are starting to feel the cold here in Western, PA we are dreaming about spring and warm weather and our second Artists Festival which will be held on June 6th, 2015.  If you are an artist or know artists we are looking for creatives who are interested in joining us and sharing their work.  It's not too early to start planning and you can find more about the Festival and see pictures from last year on our web site - Artists Festival 2014. 

As we take time to pause and reflect - we are grateful for the support and encouragement we continue to receive as people walk alongside us as we create and work to tell stories filled with our passion for the world and performance.  You can follow various parts of our journey on the web through our YouTube Channel, Twitter and Facebook and our Web Site.  Thanks for walking with us!  We are thankful for you!