Celebrating our first Performance: Shakespeare's Women

We are so excited for this coming Saturday, which will mark our first performance as Amiche.   

Our goal from the start has been:  "to celebrate women, art, and friendship."   

And we are excited for the ways this Saturday is bringing all those pieces together.   Both of us grew up in Beaver County and we are excited to bring back to the community we grew up in and celebrate with the many friends and family who support us in our work.  We are excited that we can use this time as a fundraiser for two organizations that share our mission: The Fistula Foundation and the Jubilation Concert Series Scholarship Program. 

And on top of all those pieces we are excited to share a performance piece that has come from our friendship.  A piece that combines so many things we love.  A piece that celebrates the stories of humans and specifically women.  A piece that explores the complexities of what it means to live in the world and experience its joys and sorrows, all through Shakespeare's beautiful language and stories. 

We are so looking forward to this evening!  

If you are planning on joining us a few things to consider in your planning: 

1. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing for the outdoors.  There is a hill to hike up to get to the performance.  If you are unable to walk up the hill we will have a car available to drive people up and down.  The event will be outdoors so wear clothing that will be comfortable for an evening in the woods.

2. Kids are welcome.  We have lots of space for kids to run around even during the performance so you are welcome to bring them. 

3. Pizza starts at 6:30PM and will go until 7:30PM.  At 7:45PM we will start the performance of Shakespeare's Women, which is about an hour in length.   

We are looking forward to sharing and celebrating with you this Saturday! 

If you have questions feel free to contact us via our contact page: CONTACT