The Fistula Foundation

One of our goals at Amiche is to celebrate women and their stories.  On June 22nd we are performing our first show as Amiche, called Shakespeare's Women.  We've been excited by the opportunity to delve into the amazing female characters that Shakespeare creates.  Women of strength, courage, beauty, and skilled comic timing.  

It is a thrill as a performer to have roles that stretch us and gives us the opportunity to explore the range of what it means to be human. 

But on June 22nd we are looking forward to another opportunity we have of celebrating women and their stories.  We will be raising money on June 22nd for two organizations, one being The Fistula Foundation.  The Fistula Foundation's mission is to:  raise awareness of and funding for fistula treatment, prevention and educational programs worldwide.  

Below is a short video that provides some background for the work they are doing.  We are thankful that in some small we can support the stories of these truly amazing women.