Supporting Local Artists on June 22nd

We are in the midst of rehearsals and getting ready for our first performance of Shakespeare's Women and the excitement is building!   Not only are we excited to share our work, but we are looking forward to sharing with you the mission of Amiche to celebrate women, art, and friendship.  

So here is a little more information about the second organization we are raising money for on June 22nd. The Jubilation Concert Series was started by Lara Lynn Cottrill and Emily Gedman and is starting on their 7th year of bringing free concerts to Beaver County, PA.  In addition to the free concert series they have offer a scholarship program that helps students pay for music lessons.  We are looking forward to sharing more about this program as well as supporting the development of young artists in our local community.  

To learn more about their program you can see some of their past concerts on their web site:

We hope you will join us on June 22nd to learn more about the arts in Beaver County and some of the great ways the arts are being supported and shared with young artists.